Original Turf Blueprints Uncovered

Yes it’s true. It felt like a Goonie’s adventure as we unfolded the original construction blueprints of our precious pools…..along with a few alternate designs. The alternate designs are mind-blowing. Imagine the lipside gully and the footie bowl as one bowl going as deep as 9′….how about the keyhole and the capsule as one monster pool….believe it. Among this score was also Jerry Steurnagel’s original membership card from December 1978, tons of photo slides, some photo prints that used to hang in the pro shop as well as some that have never been seen, a “how to run a skatepark manual”, and some cassette audio tapes describing how to open a skatepark. Amazing, amazing score of goodies all thanks to former Turf legend, Donnie Nelson. We hope to hold a fundraiser/event show where all of this paraphernalia can be seen. Details to come…

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5 Responses to Original Turf Blueprints Uncovered

  1. Jake Brown says:

    Now that you guys have the blueprints, build a replica park!

  2. Tom says:

    I WANT to buy a copy of these for my wall. Seriously.

  3. Tom says:

    I would like to see this stuff being a Surfin’ Turf skater from day one!

    • Elle says:

      Looks like an ok park. Where is that in Wellington exactly?I got back into satking because there’s a fantastic old skate park in Mountain View CA that’s an 80 s style swimming pool’ with roll in edges and three deep bowls joined by various hips. I used to work 5 minutes drive from it and tear out there most mornings and lunchtimes for a skate.Being an old fella lacking any tricks the modern parks with all their coping, stairs and rails kinda leave me a bit cold. I do like a nice concrete sweep or a half pipe though

  4. I was a frequent skater of the Turf in my younger years. Now I work professionally in the architecture field (and still skate too). If you need or want to get those drawings redrafted digitally, I would be happy to assist free of charge. It might be useful for any future reconstruction efforts.

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